Data Science Internship

Technical Team · Cape Town, Western Cape
Department Technical Team
Employment Type Contractor
Minimum Experience Entry-level

 About DataProphet:  

Join the growing team at DataProphet, the only African company to be named by the World Economic Forum as one of 56 emerging tech firms for its 2019 cohort of Technology Pioneers who are shaping their industry and their region in new and exciting ways.

DataProphet is a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for manufacturing. Our award winning technology embeds unique adaptations and advancements of deep learning, enabling AI to have a significant, practical impact on the factory floor. DataProphet’s solutions are built to be adapted and integrated into existing environments, making it possible for our digital transformation team to take your operations from zero to AI. We understand manufacturing and that real impact is achieved with preemptive actions because real-time is often too late. For more information, visit our website.

We pride ourselves on working very closely with our clients to develop machine learning powered solutions to gather insights on hidden patterns within their data for commercial benefit. Through a combination of Machine Learning expertise, Management consulting and systems development experience, we deliver simple-to-use services that return accurate, low-level and actionable predictions which can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure. Over the past four years, we have delivered bleeding edge deep learning models across multiple industries including Financial services, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Gaming.

Our models have repeatedly outperformed larger multinational companies and we have received numerous rewards in recognition of our excellence. DataProphet boasts an experienced and qualified team, with diverse skill sets in Data Science, Engineering, Statistics, Computer Science, and Mathematics, with experience across various industries globally.

Internship Overview:

We are seeking talented and driven individuals to work with our world class, multi-disciplinary team as they solve problems with cutting edge technology and transform the industries in which they operate.

What you will do:

  • Create robust data pipelines that extract salient views from raw production data,
  • Labeling sensitive data in-house,
  • Contribute to modelling and infrastructure code-base,
  • Explorations and experiments into new modelling and technical approaches,
  • Use instances on the cloud to train and serve deep learning models.

Who we are looking for:

  • Recent process engineering or similar graduates.
  • Masters/PhD candidates or recent graduates in the following or similar fields; Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechatronics, Advanced Analytics,
  • Knowledge of deep learning frameworks - TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch, Caffe or other major deep learning frameworks,
  • Keen interest in deep learning and other machine learning algorithms,
  • Ability to come up with custom algorithms to solve new problems,
  • Solid understanding of software concepts - data structures and algorithms.

Further Details:

  • Internship duration will be between 1 month with the option to review and extend,
  • You will be paid a monthly salary,
  • You will be required to bring your own laptop to work from.

NOTE: Please submit your CV in PDF format.

About the Team:

We are a diverse and ambitious team who are passionate about what we do and aligned in our vision to create inspiring change in the world around us. We spend our days solving challenging technical problems on the cutting edge of AI and Data Science.

We have a beautiful office located in Green Point, Cape Town. However, during the pandemic, our technical team are working from home. We communicate via various online text and video services. It is a professional but supportive and fun environment, created to provide a space for everyone to bring their best selves to work every day.

The spirit of curiosity and continuous learning are in our DNA and we encourage everyone to approach all things in this manner so that we continue to grow and develop both as professionals and individuals.

Among us are gamers, yogi’s, series lovers, runners, climbers, gym bunnies and 1 x Iron Mike… ahem, Man. We are committed to supporting our team holistically and therefore; have office showers to rinse off after lunch time activities, host games nights for ultimate inter company show downs, host screenings of favorite series and provide healthy fruit and snacks to keep everyone fueled up along the way.

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