Install Team Engineer (Process Engineer/Data Engineer)

Install team · Cape Town, Western Cape
Department Install team
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Entry-level


Join the growing team at DataProphet, an award winning, venture backed manufacturing specialist AI company where, through your success you will be able to have a substantial impact upon the company. Our highly qualified A-team is developing and implementing cutting edge AI value-based solutions which have a measurable impact upon our customers in the manufacturing industry.

As recognized by the World Economic Forum and CB Insights in 2020 as one of the Top 100 AI Startups, DataProphet has helped customers around the world, with pre-emptive actions, to reduce their cost of non-quality by an average of 40 percent. We pride ourselves on understanding manufacturing and that real impact is achieved with pre-emptive actions because real-time is often too late.

Role Overview:

As an install team engineer you are responsible for the installation and configuration of the DataProphet stack (in the form of a physical edge device, and/or software tool).  This is as part of the delivery of DataProphet’s award-winning PRESCRIBE system into many diverse clients.  This role is primarily concerned with connecting production machines and client-side data sources to our computing infrastructure, and configuring data processing pipelines to construct representations of the underlying production processes.

Roles and responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Installing and configuring CONNECT-EDGE devices.
  • Installing and configuring CONNECT-ET software.
  • Developing a hierarchical map of the production system.
  • Mapping data sources to this map.
  • Pivoting, joining, filling, and transforming the data using the PRESCRIBE tooling.
  • Configuring ingest pipelines to automatically perform the above (as part of the existing PRESCRIBE tooling).

Qualifications & Experience:

  • STEM Qualification: Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics or similar degree.
  • Experience working with manufacturing or production data would be a huge advantage.
  • Basic knowledge of Python, with exposure to introductory data science an advantage.
  • Basic knowledge of AWS

Note: this role does not require an expert understanding of data science or programming.

Why join DataProphet? 

We are a small but diverse and very ambitious team who are passionate about what we do and aligned in our vision to create inspiring change in the world around us. We spend our days solving challenging technical problems in manufacturing using cutting edge AI.

Our global team works together through the use of technology which is supported by a culture of consistent communication. It is a professional but supportive and fun environment created to provide a space for everyone to bring their best selves to work every day. As a way of connecting and strengthening relationships, when possible, we come together as a team in Cape Town each year for a strategic planning and team building offsite event.

The spirit of curiosity and continuous learning are in our DNA and we encourage everyone to approach all things in this manner so that we continue to grow and develop both as professionals and individuals.

We’re looking for highly skilled, passionate people to help us do something daring, difficult, and incredibly rewarding.  If you’re ready to be inspired, solve problems, grow professionally, and unleash your talent…then apply today.  

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